Portable Confocal Microscopes for Spectroscopy and Topography

Klar Scientific is a startup specializing in spectroscopic microscopy using its patented confocal optical profile (COP) technology. The Klar approach is to integrate key functions in a portable instrument. The functions include photoluminescence (PL) and Raman spectroscopy, spectroscopic mapping, reflectivity, and topography.

A unique feature of the Klar microscope is the ability to provide a topographic map (surface profile) of the sample surface. While surface profilers exist commercially, they are not integrated with confocal microscopy and spectroscopy. This feature is especially useful for PL/Raman mapping because it enables the microscope to maintain focus, even for rough or irregular surfaces. This feature is essential to optimize the spatial resolution.


Left: 3D image of etched silicon. Colors indicate intensity of reflected light. From X. Ye and M.D. McCluskey, Modular scanning confocal microscope with digital image processingPLoS ONE 11(11), e0166212 (2016).

Right: Images of a "2D" material system. (a) PL spectra from an α-In2Se3 layer and α/β junction area; (b) PL energy map of the junction device. From Q. Wang, L. Yang, S. Zhou, X. Ye, Z. Wang, W. Zhu, M.D. McCluskey, and Y. Gu, Phase-defined Van der Waals Schottky junctions with significantly enhanced thermoelectric properties, J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 8, 2887 (2017).