Klar photoluminescence microscopes (micro-PL) provide rapid spectroscopic signatures. The instruments are designed to be portable, with a footprint of approximately one square foot.

Left: PL spectra from the Klar micro-PL and a standard (non-microscope) fluorescence spectrometer. The main peak is band-edge luminescence and the sideband at 900 nm is emission from a defect level. Sample provided by Mike Scarpulla (University of Utah) and Chris Ferekides (University of South Florida).

Right: Prototype PL microscope.

PL mapping

Klar scanning microscopes take PL spectra over a grid of (x,y) points. By analyzing the PL spectra, slight variations in the sample's optical properties can be visualized. The image below shows the PL energy over the surface of a polished CdTe sample. 

CdTe scratched.jpg